Instantly valorize a vehicle with Eurocartrader

Step 1: Welcome your customer of course! Does he want a fast acquisition price for his vehicle? Fortunately for you, you have opted for Eurocartrader. Download the mobile app now.


Scan the barcode or the VIN number of the vehicle.

Step 2: Download the Eurocartrader app to your smartphone, simply scan the barcode or VIN number of your customer's vehicle. All available vehicle information will be prefilled.


Photos and expertise

Step 3: Carrying out an expertise has never been so easy thanks to the transparency of Eurocartrader.


Instant valorisation

Step 4: The vehicle is now coded in the Eurocartrader system. You will immediately receive an initial valuation, allowing you to communicate a takeover price during your sales pitch.



Final step: Leave the car to the highest bidder. Thanks to Eurocartrader, the entire process from valuation to transport has never been easier.

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