Frequently Asked Questions

Who can subscribe?

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

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Charges et remboursements

No registration or subscription fees

Registration is free, without registration or subscription fees for both the buyer and the seller (see our terms and conditions).

How can I subscribe to EuroCartrader

You can submit a registration request via the homepage.

After confirming your business e-mail address you can complete your registration, after approval of your company profile you will receive an agreement to use the Eurocartrader platform.

How long will it take before I can use EuroCartrader?

The delay is approximately 24 to 96 hours.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Only by mail via

How do I reactivate my closed account?

You will need to re-enter a registration request on the Eurocartrader platform.

During registration I see a message that says my email address is already in use?

An e-mail address can only be used for one account, if you do not know or have forgotten your password, you can simply request a password reset.

If your access has not yet been confirmed by our team, your account is still awaiting validation. If you have recently submitted a registration request, please wait for confirmation from Eurocartrader.

After registration, I get a message saying that my concession already exists.

A concession is defined by its VAT number and only needs to be registered once on Eurocartrader. If the VAT number of your dealership is already in use, follow the steps below:

  1. Check if you entered the correct number
  2. Contact a (other) manager of your point of sale to retrieve your login details
  3. Contact Eurocartrader via to check why you cannot register your concession
How can I provide proof of my activity as a distributor or car dealer?

During your application, your VAT number will be checked by Eurocartrader. Several documents including the scan of your trade register (cabis) must be provided to finalize your registration.

Why do I need a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) at registration?

Eurocartrader requires a valid card to exercise a direct debit for two services:

  • When adding a vehicle, the search by license plate or VIN fee.
  • Commission fee, invoiced to the buyer at the time of finalizing the sale of a vehicle.
What documents do I need to register?

You need the following documents for registration:

  1. Identity document (double-sided identity card or passport)
  2. Proof of VAT registration
  3. Company statutes


Can I appraise vehicles via phone, mail or fax?

No, valuations can only be done via the application.

Can I pay in cash, by check or directly to the seller?

Payments are made only by bank transfer with the contact details on the order form.

Can I charge storage costs?

Our general conditions do not provide for compensation from the buyer to the seller if he does not collect the vehicle within 15 calendar days. However, a storage cost per week or per day is tolerated as long as it remains reasonable and is specified in writing on the order form.

How long is my valuation valid?

The valuation remains valid for 30 calendar days after the scheduled delivery date.

I received the confirmation that I had made the best valuation, why did I not receive the vehicle?

The client remains the owner of his property and Eurocartrader cannot under any circumstances force the transaction to be completed.

When and where can I collect the vehicles I have purchased?

Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive a pick-up order containing the loading address. You need to contact the seller for confirmation of location and loading possibilities.

When will I be sure I bought a vehicle?

The moment you receive your order form. You will have to pay this directly to the seller.

When will I receive the vehicle documents and the invoice?

You obtain the official documents directly from the seller and you are responsible for verifying their authenticity. After collection of the vehicle, no claim can be accepted regarding missing documents.

Our partners

Where do the vehicles come from and in which country are they registered?

EuroCartrader has partners across Europe. Vehicles can come from different types of businesses like car dealerships, rental, leasing, private companies,... based in the European community.


Can I withdraw a valuation I made?

It is impossible to cancel a submitted valuation. Read our terms and conditions carefully.

How quickly do I have to collect the vehicle?

Within 15 calendar days after receiving your removal order.

Is it possible to physically go see a vehicle before making a valuation?

No, because Eurocartrader does not reveal the seller's address.

Can I change the language of the remark?

No, it is your responsibility to have the original remark translated on your own to find out its meaning. In the event of a problem related to the remark, the reason cannot be invoked to cancel the transaction.

Upon collection, the vehicle does not match the description, what should I do?

Only two reasons are valid for canceling a transaction:

  1. Difference in mileage (over 3000 km)
  2. Failure to meet collection or availability deadlines

Any other reason invoked will require an amicable resolution between the two parties without the intervention of EuroCartrader.

What if the vehicle is available too soon or too late?

As soon as the vehicle arrives, whether it is early or late by a maximum of 30 calendar days, the seller must send the purchase order to the buyer. If the vehicle arrives more than 30 days late, the buyer may cancel the transaction.

How long do I have to value a vehicle?

You have 5 calendar days to carry out a valuation of the vehicle.

When I manually enter of scan the VIN, the field turns red.

Be sure to check that the amount of letters and numbers corresponds to 17. It is also possible that the vehicle is not listed in any database with which we are working.

When I add a vehicle, some fields turn red and I cannot continue.

The fields that turn red are mandatory fields (as are the photos).


Where can I find the General Conditions

At the bottom of the EuroCartrader website.

How will I know the seller's hours of operation and annual leave?

If the information is not on the order form, you can either contact him by email or by phone.

How can I file a complaint?

For a complaint, please contact

Will I be provided with license plates when I pick up the vehicle?

EuroCatrader is not able to provide plates, you will be asked to do the necessary before you collect the vehicle.

What if I have a question?

Please contact us at

How can I contact the sales department?

You can mail the sales department via A broker will contact you as soon as possible.

I made a mistake when inserting a vehicle: how can I correct it?

You have to wait until the end of the 5-day waiting period. Then, you can cancel the sale of the vehicle and add a reason.

Eurocartrader is never responsible for errors when inserting vehicles.


What if during collection of the vehicle, some of the original documents appear to be missing?

The seller is obliged to provide all the documents. In case of missing a document, you can claim a credit note as well as reimbursement.

The real mileage deviates significantly from the expert report.

With a lower real mileage, no additional costs can be charged to the buyer. On the other hand, as described in the general conditions, the seller shall provide the vehicle available with an expected mileage at the time of delivery with a deviation (upwards or downwards) of a maximum of 3,000 km.

Should we only check the photos next to the flattened car view for the damage estimation?

No, because in the event of a dispute, all photos uploaded with the vehicle will be taken into account.

What happens if the vehicle is not described correctly?

The seller is obliged to deliver a vehicle corresponding to its description. If the vehicle is described incorrectly, both parties can find a solution to their satisfaction. This is most often a price reduction corresponding to the incorrect value. The buyer can also cancel the sale.


When can I load my vehicle?

The moment you receive your pickup voucher
WARNING: The charging address may be different from the billing address.

I valuated a vehicle and now I no longer can add another.

Only one valuation per vehicle is possible.